Our History

I want this crisis fund to help families who just need a boost.”

12 year old Founder
 Sydnee Christensen



Providing financial assistance for  families during times of personal and family crisis...

For Kids, By Kids


Mission & Vision

Traction on Hope Counts

It is my belief that good things happen when good people do the right things for the right reasons.
When the Little Britches folks needed some fundraiser ideas for the Hope Counts Charity and I came up with the idea of cleaning trailers with Bye Bye Odor, Tom Spalding suggested giving away products for the cleaning project and then selling products at the event and giving proceeds to Hope Counts.
We cleaned trailers for three days and then Berry Landen was moved to make this wonderful video. Tom Spalding said good idea and here we now are.
The Little Britches Queens and Princesses started getting the blue feathers out at the NFR and the talk of the rodeo is “What does the blue feather mean?"
When I gave Little Britches the video to use at their booth at Cowboy Christmas and at their booth at the Thomas and Mack they said "Spalding Labs is our hero".  The official Wrangler NFR website and Facebook Fan Page has now posted the video.
Aristotle said "virtue is its own reward” I think we all may get a little extra reward here.  
The Hope Counts message is going viral and hopefully money and awareness will be increased. 
I am PROUD to be associated with the great people at Spalding Labs.

Larry A Garner 
Hope Counts Mission

Helping Rodeo Families...When an accident or life-threatening illness strikes and creates financial hardship for our families we want to help. Teach our children how to build stronger communities through service while helping others and growing family legacies.

Hope Counts Service

Kids raise money to provide financial resources for families within the rodeo and horse communities who are experiencing a catastrophic event. Call or e-mail us if you or someone you know  needs to apply for assistance.


HOPE Counts - Crisis Fund of National Little Britches Rodeo Association
Non-Profit Organization

HOPE COUNTS Kids helping Kids get better.

The Hope Counts Foundation from Tom Spalding on Vimeo.

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The best way for us to help more kids is to grow the awareness and contributions to this unique foundation. We thank you in advance for your support.

All proceeds are donated.  ​No administrative fees are held. 

Hope Counts Begins...

HOPE COUNTS is my dream-come-true of being able to help others.  It’s that simple,
“I like helping others in need.” 

Maybe I am too young to have learned this already but…
”It makes you feel good if you help
someone rather than yourself.”

In the past I have sacrificed my own Christmas to buy for others, donated my hair to Locks for Love, and volunteered.  These things are all so important but I just felt like our family could do even more. I said, Mom…
 “I know we are just regular people, but we can do so much more to help others.”

A short time later I created a logo and some possible names of what could become a future charity. After some begging and whining, my Mom got a fire under her seat to start helping me put the business part of things together.
Our family spends a lot of time going to rodeos. After some brainstorming about possible ways to raise money with Utah Youth Rodeo Association (UYRA) board member, Stephanie Lindsey, HOPE Counts was formed.

~Hope Counts Founder 12-year old
Sydnee Christensen